Sunday, July 09, 2006

Will an Indian win the World Cup ??

As we near the grand finale, as I always do am wondering when India would win the World Cup? Though it is not possible this year, atleast there is a chance that an Indian could lift the cup.Will he be the first and last player of Indian origin to win the cup ? Forget winning, when can India atleast qualify for a World Cup ? We have one of the biggest human resource next to China and yet we are not able to produce quality sports persons.The entire nation celebrates if we win a bronze or silver in Olympics,even in cricket which is the biggest sport in India where every Tom, Dick and Harry can talk for ages about it, with the richest board in the world, we have won only one World Cup and managed to reach the finals only one other time. I may sound very negative but I think to solve issues we need to accept that we have an issue.
What actually is the problem.............
Politics involved in selection ?
No encouragement from parents for budding kids ?
Lack of fitness - People eating loads of rice and caring the least about fitness
Bleak future for people who fail to make it to the top
Or people like me who talk about problems and do nothing about it ??

Let's share our thoughts.........

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dinesh n m said...

All those you mentioned are reasons. Some play a more important role than others.

But, I do believe that one day (in my lifetime), we will become a power in Sports too.