Friday, July 21, 2006

The Village - Original or Inspired ?

Though this is not the burning issue of the day, I wanted to share something good about the Indian film industry which we always feel inspires movies from Hollywood and lacks originality.This would be a apt time with Shyamalan's new movie releasing today."The Village" - for many would bring back memories of a edge of the seat thriller with brilliant visual and sound techniques but for me added to that it also brings back memories of an Indian movie Anveshana (was dubbed in tamil too). The plot of this movie is very similar to "The Village" with excellent background music by Ilayaraja.This telugu movie released couple of decades back has striking similarities with "The Village". The whole movie takes place in a village/forest background,the villagers avoid entering the forest citing a man eating tiger in the forest,2 investigators disturb the pact by going into the forest causing fear amongst the council of elders in the village, a twist in the end of the movie(very similar to "The Village" or should I say the climax of "The Village" was very similar to Anveshana), even the mood in the music seems to be close to the "The Village".Vamsy, the director of Anveshana is pairing with Raja again and this should be good news for Raja fans, as this combinaion are known for some great melody numbers.Listen to the last number and it should remind you of another famous number.I would recommend "Anveshana" to viewers interested in crime thrillers.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Wake up.........

We need to draw a page from Israel's book. Look at the way they have responded to the kidnapping of few soldiers from their country. They have made the enemy pay for his mistakes. Now the enemy would think twice before striking, they have put the fear back on to the enemy. Should'nt we be doing a similar thing, how many more people are we going to lose due to these acts of terrorism before we actually do something about it, the enemy is on the free, he knows all we do is issue statements and forget things. We all talk about the Mumbai bomb blast, we feel for it but bomb blasts in Jammu and Kashmir has become a part of life for people living there, think about the trauma they undergo everyday, what has the Government done about it for the past 50 years.What is the solution ?? I would say if we know who are responsible for these acts of terror we need to destroy them completely rather than just issue statements. We still believe in the government and are waiting for it to do something purposeful against this act. I also wanted to say at this point that I am proud of the people of Mumbai for helping out each other and staying united at this crisis. My appeal to the political parties is to learn from the people of Mumbai to stay together at the time of crisis and try to achieve the common goal of eradicating the unseen enemy. JAI HIND...


We had a meeting on Friday(14th July) regarding the design of a new building. The general feeling amongst the audience was to keep the design simple and easy to use. After the meeting our CEO took me to his room along with the other engineers and presented us with a book "The Design of Everyday Things" and was going over the various blunders made in designing simple everyday things. He explained to us how smart people while designing does not think about the end audience and complicate simple things. He was referring to an air conditioner(AC) unit which works on an algorithm which would automatically start and stop the AC at a desired time and would require a lot of toying around with it to change the settings. Do we need such complicated systems ? All we need is couple of buttons showing up or down to adjust the temperature. I now know what is expected of me in this project and would work towards attaining maximum effciency with utmost simplicity. I browsed through the book and it looked very interesting. Lets Keep It Simple Stupid

Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Day to remember

Today my predictions were spot on. Federer won his 4th consecutive Wimbledon title and Italy went on to win its 4th World Cup.

Will an Indian win the World Cup ??

As we near the grand finale, as I always do am wondering when India would win the World Cup? Though it is not possible this year, atleast there is a chance that an Indian could lift the cup.Will he be the first and last player of Indian origin to win the cup ? Forget winning, when can India atleast qualify for a World Cup ? We have one of the biggest human resource next to China and yet we are not able to produce quality sports persons.The entire nation celebrates if we win a bronze or silver in Olympics,even in cricket which is the biggest sport in India where every Tom, Dick and Harry can talk for ages about it, with the richest board in the world, we have won only one World Cup and managed to reach the finals only one other time. I may sound very negative but I think to solve issues we need to accept that we have an issue.
What actually is the problem.............
Politics involved in selection ?
No encouragement from parents for budding kids ?
Lack of fitness - People eating loads of rice and caring the least about fitness
Bleak future for people who fail to make it to the top
Or people like me who talk about problems and do nothing about it ??

Let's share our thoughts.........

Saturday, July 08, 2006


The world's most popular sports event is reaching a grand finale tomorrow. After 24 years two european nations are in the finals of the Football World Cup. Interestingly both these teams struggled in the initial phase of the tournament, gained momentum and now would be giving out all they have. Going by statistics Italy has an edge over France, but statistics has little or no value in such a high pressure game. Italy has scored 11 goals with 10 players this World Cup equalling France's record of scoring 16 goals with 10 players in 1982, Italy went on to win that World Cup, does this give us a hint? This will be the final game for ZiZi for France and what better farewell can he get than winning the coveted trophy. Its going to be a great game,I feel that Italy's defense would give them the edge over France. GO AZZURRIS!!!!!!!!!