Saturday, July 15, 2006


We had a meeting on Friday(14th July) regarding the design of a new building. The general feeling amongst the audience was to keep the design simple and easy to use. After the meeting our CEO took me to his room along with the other engineers and presented us with a book "The Design of Everyday Things" and was going over the various blunders made in designing simple everyday things. He explained to us how smart people while designing does not think about the end audience and complicate simple things. He was referring to an air conditioner(AC) unit which works on an algorithm which would automatically start and stop the AC at a desired time and would require a lot of toying around with it to change the settings. Do we need such complicated systems ? All we need is couple of buttons showing up or down to adjust the temperature. I now know what is expected of me in this project and would work towards attaining maximum effciency with utmost simplicity. I browsed through the book and it looked very interesting. Lets Keep It Simple Stupid

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