Saturday, December 16, 2006

Welcome back DADA

He is back with a bang, a gritty 51 to lead India's charge in the 1st innings against the South Africans. There were good signs during the tour match when he scored that 83 runs against a good South African reserve side. I have always liked him for his aggressive nature and the way he molded Team India, especially when he took it to the Aussies in India and in Australia. To me the best captain India ever had, he bought in the aggresiveness in the otherwise meek Indian side. All can draw inspiration from his comeback, almost everybody wrote him off, I thought he would never make it back and now he is the top performer for the Indian side. I know this is an very early talk but when I watched him play there were glimpses of the Ganguly of the old. As he once said " We are the lucky few and all we need is one good day to turn things on", thats exactly what is happening to him. Players like Ganguly, Lara, Steve Waugh are good for the game just for their arrogance and to that they add their batting prowess. Good to see him back and hope he stays and performs for the next few years. India are in desperate need of some strong personality in the team......

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